What you get

Bulgarian tour operator, Bulgaria-Jewish-Tours offers best-in-class tailor-made tours. On our deluxe Jewish tours you will learn about the cultural heritage of the Bulgarian Jews, Sephardic and Ashkenazis, the long history behind notable Jewish families, prominent people such as Sarah-Theodora, the Jewish-born queen in mediaeval Bulgaria, the first Chief Rabbi Gabriel Almosino, Col Moreno Grasiani – a Balkan War hero, the born in Bulgaria Elias Canetti – the only Bulgarian to have won the Nobel Prize, Jules Pascin, known as “the Prince of Montparnasse from Vidin” – a world-known painter, etc.

You will also learn about the important role of the Jewish community in forming over the course of many centuries the roots of the religious tolerance of the people here, and find out why Bulgarians are proud with saving the country’s Jewish population from extinction during World War II.

You will visit places that have once had sizeable Jewish community, and have become a place of pilgrimage for Jewish travelers.

Highlights include visits to the largest Sephardic Synagogue in Europe, with the only Jewish museum in Bulgaria, to Arie’s House in the small town of Samokov, and to the Synagogue in Plovdiv.