Many thanks for arranging such a personalized and delightful tour

Dear Alexandra,

So sorry for the delay in corresponding with you. We arrived home toward the end of Sept. after a very nice long cruise. And it took until now to get organized after such a long time away.

We want to thank you for arranging such a wonderful tour. We are raving about it to all our friends. Everything you arranged worked out wonderfully. Boris our guide and Kotse our driver were outstanding. We did not realize what a lovely country Bulgaria is. We especially enjoyed the archeological sites. We especially like having dinner with you and your husband the first and last nights. Delightful.

I have tried to post on Trip Advisor but they don’t have a touring section. I have written to them to find out how I can post it. If not, I will find a way. Also, did you receive the magazine ITN (International Travel News)? I will write to them also. Please feel free to use anything I have written. And if anyone should want to contact me, that is fine. I believe you have my telephone numbers as well as my e-mail.

Again, many thanks for arranging such a personalized and delightful tour.
With best regards to you and your husband,

Helen and Leo WolkowChicago, USA